Internship Kick-start!

27.7.2018 | lifestyle.
Eddie Lui

Eddie Lui

Summer Intern

Never have I thought about being an intern of WKCDA, participating in the development projects of one of the biggest cultural quarters in the globe! Though I have only joined the big family for two weeks, I have already got a deeper understanding on the layout and development of the cultural district. I was really impressed to receive warm hospitality when I first came to the office, especially joining the new summer intern orientation in Cyberport office.

The orientation was conducted in my second day of work. I was surprised that there are more than twenty summer interns in WKCDA this year. The orientation really provided a golden chance for me to meet not only the summer interns but also the seniors, and it was a great time mingling with many of our new colleagues.

One of the most amazing activities during the orientation was that summer interns were invited to split into groups and ask our colleagues for more information about a specific department in WKCDA. After that we were going to have a short presentation with only few minutes preparation. This seemed to be a challenging task, but it turned out that we had so much fun in it, with all the ideas being creatively presented while having a great opportunity to know more about the operation of WKCDA.

Owing to this orientation programme, summer interns know more about each other, and we soon become friends. Every day we will gather to have lunch together and share with each other interesting moments that we encounter. It’s really a joyful time meeting and chatting with all of you.