My First Month of Intern Life in WKCDA

24.6.2019 | art park. , lifestyle.
Sherrie Fung

Sherrie Fung

Summer Intern

Promenade in the Art Park along Victoria Harbour

I am delighted to serve as a summer intern in the District Safety and Security Department in WKCDA. Although my major in university is of no relation to safety nor risk assessment, I still choose to accept the intern offer to gain work experience out of the field that I am currently studying in. This is my very first time working as an intern. Everything is new to me. It is so grateful that WKCDA has allocated me a mentor from the department I am working in. I could consult my mentor whenever I face difficulties throughout the internship. My mentor, Bernard, is very nice and responsive. He talked me through every task I have to complete clearly and thoroughly. He is also very willing to answer my enquiries on the issues that I am not familiar with.

Working in the department, I have to conduct risk management and assessment on the safety hazards prone to users in the district, including park facilities and the events organised. I always have to walk along the district to check for any potential hazards. Other than the hardware safety in the park, I also do tasks more related to my major. For example, analysing the risks and setting up contingency and recovery plans for adverse weather events. In the task, I could bring up ideas and knowledge from my expertise in meteorology to contribute in the team. We also work closely with the District Facility Services Department to carry out safety plans in facilities management, park operation and landscaping.

Competition Pavilion in Nursery Park

West Kowloon Cultural District is located in the western side of Kowloon Peninsula in the newly reclaimed land. A 10-minute walk is needed to reach my office in PSO from Kowloon MTR Station. As the office is facing the west, the spectacular sunset is a reward for a long day of fruitful work. If the weather is good, I could even see a yellowish egg yolk sinking into Lantau Island.

Spectacular sunset in WKCD