A New Path: My First Thirty Days at WKCDA

27.6.2017 | lifestyle.
Justin Li

Justin Li

Summer Intern (Finance Department)

I always ask myself; “what is going to happen to me in the first day?”, “What will my teachers/employers make me do in the next following days/weeks?’’ “I know that there will be people of whom I’ve never seen before, what will they think of me and how would they treat me? Will they treat me like crap? Will they pretend I’m invisible in the workplace? How do I leave a good first impression?”

All these questions came to my mind almost every first morning of school or an internship regardless of whether I’m in the same place or not. Reason I ask myself these questions is because from my past experience, I am aware that every first day experience is different. So in a way, I am excited for this new adventure to commence. But I am also nervous about what will happen in the coming weeks. So I say, “I’ll just go with the flow, and let time determine what will happen next.”

I came back to Hong Kong from the states at around mid-May, so June 1st came to me in a blink of an eye. I felt I didn’t have enough time to rest up or see friends, but an internship should come first in this situation because it’s more important, right? The day started with me going to PSO (project site office) instead of the Cyberport office for orientation.

That morning felt really tired for some reasons, I think it was because of my tendency to sleep late and getting into the habit of waking up late. I’ve also never been to PSO so I was a little uncertain to how I am supposed to get there. Thankfully the human resource department sent all the interns directions from Kowloon station to PSO so that made it easier to get there. When I arrived, there was no one I knew. I awkwardly stayed by myself like a loner and thought that I was going to be ignored and judged by others. By the end, I was glad the whole orientation went smoothly, and some of the interns introduced themselves to me, which gave me some hope that this internship will be fun and exciting. I also got the chance to meet my mentor who would guide me through the internship. Knowing that he is a nice and fun person to work with, I am even more hopeful that this internship will be very fulfilling. By noon, every intern who works in Cyberport gets to go back by shuttle bus. During the bus ride, I remember that I discussed about my college life and my interests in music and business to my mentor. I talked about classical music, my primary instrument I study in college, my knowledge about WKCDA, as well as my interest in learning finance despite I have seldom knowledge about it.

During the first few days. I had to read WKCDA’s annual report. I have discovered that the report was different. Especially with the balance sheet. In most cases, the balance sheets have Accounts receivable and Accounts payable. But not in WKCDA’s report. So I read on, asked my mentor, and discovered that the Authority’s receivables, prepayment and deposits are entered into several agreements with the government for carrying out government entrustment works on its behalf. Something very important to know indeed.

In the following weeks, I began to learn and work on invoices, accruals, reimbursements, cross checks debit/credit and more. I started to learn more about what the finance department’s role is. There is definitely a lot more that I am not aware of, but at least I know one of the steps that leads towards the final product. So far, I familiarized myself with how to work on the ERP oracle system, using it for recording invoices in an AP preparer, debit/crediting cash and expenditures in the GL preparer as well as checking over numbers carefully on paper to make sure there aren’t any errors.

To me, this is like being a teacher or a professor. I get to check over numbers and information that has been recorded and I get to see if there are any errors made. So far, it has been a privilege for me to work in WKCDA as a summer intern. I am very much enjoying my time here and I believe that I have learned much more here than I have in BDO last year. I look forward to the coming weeks and what WKCDA has to offer.

To be continued.