My memories of M+ Summer Camp 2015

5.1.2016 | lifestyle.


M+ Summer Camp participant

M+ Summer Camp has been a highlight in my summer holiday this year. It wasn’t just an art camp, it was also about sharing, building relationships and exploration. During the camp, I learnt different kinds of technical skills in workshops that gave us an opportunity to find out more about various areas in art, like architecture, photography, even film shooting. I also met a lot of kindred spirits – so we had lots to talk about in our free time.

The interaction between tutors, students and friendly volunteers also made it really relaxing. My roommates and I got on well, and we had a lot of fun in the evenings with group activities like dance battle, music performances and the water catapult fight! It was a shame that the BBQ got cancelled though. That would have been another memorable night for the campers!