Trees aren't just trees

29.6.2017 | lifestyle.
Natalie Wong

Natalie Wong

Marketing & Customer Experience - Summer Intern

Time flies and it has been two months since my journey in WKCD began. Looking back, the most rewarding experience throughout my internship would be the collaboration with my silent partners- trees in the Nursery Park. I was assigned to follow the tree app project including content write-up, marketing researches on user experience, design references and potential partners. In preparing the tree information, I was given a chance to go on-site and participate in the Tree Tour organized by the Park Team.

And thereafter, trees are no longer trees to me. They shelter and furnish us by producing life essentials — food, oxygen, medical properties and tools, yet, we don’t even recognize any one of them. We call our comrades by names, and it is a shame that the majority of us just simply call our earliest neighbors “trees” in general.

Everyone has his own stories, so do plants. In particular, the tale of Dracaena Angustifolia (or “Dragon-blood Tree” in Chinese) somewhat intrigued me. In ancient times, the folks believed that bushels of Dracaena Angustifolia were yielded in soil that was filled with dragon blood. This explains why the species will produce crimson mucus when it gets hurt, as if it is bleeding.

Perhaps long have we forgotten that trees are living things, they have feelings too. It is not surprising that they will bleed. We leave them a painful void by cutting them down in a large scale without giving them any credits, nor compliments (and they haven’t asked for any). We have been taking them for granted, thinking that they would surround us no matter what. They are evergreen in the sense that their hearts never wilt, reminding us to live boldly, push ourselves and don’t settle. The straight trunks and spreading crowns are proofs of their perseverance, toughness and humbleness.

The park was lined with peaceful guardians and the sunlight was streaming through the foliage. Coils of vaporous mist were embracing the bushy shrubs. The tweeting and cheeping of songbirds and blue jays created a hymn of harmony. Such an aesthetically pleasing environment locating in the city center made my evening and it definitely worth a go.

Even until now, when I linger around the streets, I still stop by and observe the beauty behind these friends. Botany isn’t boring at all, it just depends on how much we value it. We will only learn once we lose.