For those who miss Hong Kong…

For those who miss Hong Kong… Let’s make Udon!

Man Pan LAU | 11.5.2015 |

15 things that I learnt living in Venice

When an Italian says, “OKAY, OKAY! No Problem.” It means, “I don’t really understand you but I will work it out in my own way.”

Man Pan LAU | 6.5.2015 |

Back to the installation

Problem was raised that we found a defective cable when we tested the projectors at a later time…

Man Pan LAU | 5.5.2015 |

Under construction…

I was quite impressed by the Italian workers. For one thing, they really worked fast; for another, they really did not care about the construction plan but it still worked…

Man Pan LAU | 30.4.2015 |


Our first task was to inspect the site and check the materials left on the site so that we could follow up the whole progress

Man Pan LAU | 14.4.2015 |