內容過濾 實習計劃


It is my count down of the last 10 working days at WKCDA. Looking back at the day when the internship was offered to me, it took me quite a while to ease my concerns regarding whether I am suitable for WKCDA.

Sabrina Chau | 23.8.2018 | 藝術公園., 日常.



Belle Mok | 22.8.2018 | 日常.

Camaraderie at WKCDA

After nearly two month of the internship, the camaraderie with my co-workers and fellow interns have developed.

Reynier Manuel | 17.8.2018 | 日常.



Winky Bok | 10.8.2018 | 日常.



Kiki Mak | 7.8.2018 | 日常.

First-timer as an Internal Audit Intern

It has been 3 weeks only since I have started working in WKCDA’s Internal Audit Department as a summer intern, yet I have already learned more than I could have ever imagined and everything has been beyond expectations so far

Natalie Mak | 2.8.2018 | 日常.


七月尾聲的到來, 意味着美好的暑假已悄悄地溜走了一大半。不知不覺中, 我已經在WKCDA實習將近一個月。

Cindy Luo | 31.7.2018 | 日常.

Internship Kick-start!

Never have I thought about being an intern of WKCDA, participating in the development projects of one of the biggest cultural quarters in the globe!

Eddie Lui | 27.7.2018 | 日常.

A new start at WKCDA

Time has flown by and it’s already my third week working at WKCDA as a summer intern.

Abby Ng | 26.7.2018 | 日常.

WKCDA's bird(s) in Cyberport

Time flies. I have been working in WKCDA (Finance, Cyberport Office) for almost 1 month. During the past month, i met a new friend impressing me. Every morning my friend stands outside the window and gives a song to the Summer Interns in “Summer Intern Work Area”.

Clement Wong | 23.7.2018 | 日常.

Making Safety a Habit!

“Making safety a habit” is the slogan that aims to raise the safety awareness of all the colleagues who work in the construction site. We not only bear this slogan on our shirt, but also in our mind.

Ryan Pang | 18.7.2018 | 日常.



Helen Wong | 17.7.2018 | 日常.

A great start in WKCDA!

It has been a month working as an intern in the West Kowloon Cultural District Authority. It’s such a great chance to have a taste of what it is like to be working in a construction industry and get some inspiration for my future career path.

Willis Cheung | 15.7.2018 | 日常.

Intern Life at WKCDA - Ep.1

A re-cap of my first month at the WKCDA – It has been a fruitful month when I met my kind mentor and friendly colleagues who are always knowledgeable and helpful.

Irene Lam | 13.7.2018 | 日常.



James See | 11.7.2018 | 日常.

start where you are, use what you have, do what you can.

Contrary to expectations, an internship here not only consists of regular office work and logistics facilitation, but also more in-depth exploration into how the WKCDA functions.
Tiffany Kwong | 9.7.2018 | 日常.



Candy Tong | 9.7.2018 | 展覽., 日常.

Intern's Anecdote@WKCDA

Now I am almost working here as summer intern for a month, not a long span of time but also not a short one.

Anson Lee | 9.7.2018 | 日常.


[English Version Available]

Rex Leung | 6.7.2018 | 日常.

Start with Development!

Why do you choose to intern with Development Department? What does your department do? How does this internship relate to your major? These are the kind of question I often receive since the first day of work, perhaps earlier.

Jane Chan | 4.7.2018 | 日常.



Calvin Chu | 3.7.2018 | 日常.


[English Version Available]
M+展亭新一輪藝術展覽《南行覓跡 : M+藏品中的東南亞》已於上星期正式開幕。筆者有幸參與展覽的記者招待會及開幕酒會,一探乾坤。

Patrick Wai | 29.6.2018

Language Barrier? More like Learning Experience.

Working as a Finance Intern in WKCDA has given me an opportunity to gain much more office experience. I have learned a lot about the operations of WKCDA and its working culture.

Reynier Manuel | 28.6.2018 | 日常.

實習生活的開始 - 自動車體驗


Benny Tang | 27.6.2018 | 日常.

'Yum Chaaaa'!

The first two weeks of internship have gone fast. Different orientation programs and tasks allowed me to know more about WKCD and most importantly, meet different interns and buddies.

Valerie Mok | 26.6.2018

What does WKCD mean to you?

To Hong Kong, the WKCD stands as a global cultural hub that represents its commitment to arts and cultures. To the public, it serves as an important open space to improve the current predicament of the lack of breathing space. To you, what does WKCD mean?

Sabrina Chau | 26.6.2018 | 日常.

西九成長記 ♥



Kiki Mak | 22.6.2018 | 日常.

新來報到 - 地盤新體驗


Yvette Ku | 21.6.2018 | 日常.

Working as a Marketing Intern in WKCDA

Starting something new is never easy. I joined the internship program of WKCDA this summer which is my first internship in my life.

Seona Leung | 21.6.2018 | 日常.




Patrick Wai | 19.6.2018 | 日常.

Celebrate like a Venetian!

Traveling Venice during its annual Carnival definitely has all the captivating charm, but be prepared to jam in the narrow streets and squares in the week-long events

Emily Ng | 16.1.2018

Ding-Dong Venice!

Ding-Dong Venice!

Niki Ng | 17.11.2017 | 藝術.

Funny Episodes in the Pavilion: Our Lovely Visitors

Half of the internship has quickly passed. Besides the repetition of work and daily life, simultaneously there were some interesting and funny episodes which happened with the visitors, highlighted our days in the venue.

Elly Wan | 10.10.2017 | 藝術.

The Ever-changing Waters in the 'City of Water'

How can we not talk about the waters in the city of water?

Dawn Chan | 3.10.2017 | 藝術.



Chrissie Lam | 1.9.2017 | 日常.



Anthea To | 1.9.2017 | 日常.



Roy Chow | 1.9.2017 | 藝術公園.

「廣東快車」 當代藝術的保存及保育


Cherry Yau | 31.8.2017 | 日常.

全港第一 — 無人駕駛車初體驗

全港第一? 初體驗? 一起來體驗全港首駕無人駕駛電動車!

Sophine Tsang | 27.8.2017 | 日常.

To see Venice in a grain of sand

“To see a world in a grain of sand, and heaven in a wild flower, hold infinity in the palm of your hand, and eternity in an hour.” William Blake, Auguries of Innocence.

Priscilla Kong | 24.8.2017 | 藝術.

Throwback to My Most Memorable Task

A task to create a welcome email for future and existing West Kowloon subscribers

Michelle Cheung | 15.8.2017 | 日常.



Alan Cheng | 31.7.2017 | 日常.

Internship Program: Arts & Culture Experience - Talk by Executive Director, Performing Arts

The HR department has arranged another internship program about the roles, events and development of the Performing Arts Department to all summer interns on Monday and invited the executive director of performing art department to share his experience and work to us.

Amy Yu | 26.7.2017 | 藝術.

What is Project Time Management (PTM)?

In the past few weeks, I learnt many techniques, common practices and tools in Project Time Management (PTM) from the Project Management Team and I would like to share how the Project Managers normally implement PTM.

Edmund Lam | 26.7.2017 | 日常.

From an outsider to an insider

Another month in WKCDA, I was exposed to various intern activities and gained insights from different authorities in the Authority. I have a feel of transformation from an outsider to an insider. As the time goes on, I can vision the WKCD will be a pivotal cultural and arts hub of Hong Kong.

Chloe Chung | 26.7.2017 | 日常.



Anthea To | 25.7.2017 | 日常.

西九 X 實習(下)


Agnes Liu | 25.7.2017 | 日常.



Tracy Leung | 25.7.2017 | 日常.



Chrissie Lam | 25.7.2017 | 日常.

Joining the M+ Rover Community Session

One of the most fascinating parts of WKCDA internship programme is having lots of activities to join. It is not merely an experience in work but also in art and culture. Through these activities, we the interns have a better understanding of the authority.

Waikiu | 25.7.2017 | 日常.

Tree Tour to Nursery Park

It is always a good idea to experience the nature. Luckily, in the Nursery Park, we can get a taste of different green scenery in any one of the four seasons of the year. And on my tree tour to the Nursery Park, fruits of mangoes, lychees, dragon fruits and pineapples caught my eye in summertime.

Michelle Cheung | 25.7.2017 | 日常.

My Internship Life - Finale

After the first month of my internship, I’ve finally gotten used to the working environment at WKCDA.

Justin Li | 25.7.2017 | 日常.

Visit for wood logs

We go visit the woods to explore possibility to use them in our nursery park.

Jenny Yan | 25.7.2017 | 日常.

Safety matter matters

“With great power comes greater responsibility”, a major project like WKCD requires more than average effort, and it did well.

Sylvie Xiong | 23.7.2017 | 日常.

My First Month Experience in WKCDA & Art Exhibition Adventure

I have experienced a lot in the first month in WKCDA. Since I haven’t done any office job before, the reality definitely is not I expected.

Mo Ngan | 19.7.2017 | 展覽.

My Experience at WKCDA

Being an architectural student, I’m beyond grateful for the opportunities that I was given here as they have immensely widened my horizon on the architectural field.

Bertha Leung | 18.7.2017 | 日常.

西九 X 實習(上)

不經不覺, 我已經在西九文化區管理局實習了一個月。還記得5月那次緊張又激烈的面試, 慶幸地, 最後我能加入這個大家庭。

Agnes Liu | 16.7.2017 | 日常.

Palazzo Gumgum (Homage to all Venice Biennale Exhibition Interns)

I believe everyone has a travel buddy, be it a person or a pet, or simply a best friend like Mr Bean’s Teddy. For me, my buddy is Gumgum, a tiny yellow bunny. (OK…slightly larger than tiny) Gumgum traveled extensively with me across continents and we have explored half of the globe together. Like any of our previous voyages, Gumgum has been tagged along after me during this 6-week long internship in Venice, Italy. 

Priscilla Kong | 12.7.2017 | 藝術.

An Art and Cultural Promoter in the Middle of a 'Cultural Desert'

What is your impression of working in WKCDA? Full of art-lover? Or everyone working here has strong art knowledge? I would say joining WKCDA allows me to be a step near to arts and cultural industry and to be more curious about arts.

Chloe Chung | 10.7.2017 | 日常.

M+ Rover Tour

Last Saturday, I attended a M+ event: M+ Rover. It is the first school and community outreach programme organized by M+.

Amy Yu | 6.7.2017 | 展覽.



Todd Wong | 6.7.2017 | 日常.

「藝・文」— 走進西九文化區戲曲中心


Cherry Yau | 6.7.2017 | 日常.

Exciting Site Visit

Working at West Kowloon Cultural District is not only about looking at the computer and document all day but also about experiencing the nice environment. The comfortable working environment at WKCD makes me feel comfortable.

Mark Wong | 5.7.2017 | 日常.

Days as an Intern

從六月開始,我已經在西九實習了一個月。 作為一位園境建築的學生,我的工作總離不開樹和公園的範圍。我最近的其中一份工作是參與我們苗圃公園的樹木導賞和工作坊,為導賞團和工作坊探索新的可能。

Annette Wong | 4.7.2017 | 藝術公園.

Working in the park

After working in WKCD for a month, I started to understand the nursery park and the landscape work in the district. As a landscape architecture student, I was assigned tasks related to the current nursery park management and the future art park construction. Although they are not complicated tasks, I can gradually see the whole picture of the future cultural district.

Jenny Yan | 3.7.2017 | 藝術公園.



Tracy Leung | 3.7.2017 | 展覽.

Not a typical office work

Working in WKCDA is not only about sitting in the office, typing in front of the computer and having exhausted meetings, but also about engaging in the art and culture environment. When I receive an Tree Tour invitation, I accepted it without the least hesitation.

Christy Yeung | 30.6.2017 | 日常.

Trees aren't just trees

Time flies and it has been two months since my journey in WKCD began. Looking back, the most rewarding experience throughout my internship would be the collaboration with my silent partners- trees in the Nursery Park.

Natalie Wong | 29.6.2017 | 日常.

My Experience at WKCDA

One week ago when I had my first day of summer internship at WKCDA, I was nervous yet excited about the interesting position. I was excited to embark on this incredible journey, but my lack of knowledge in finance industry and the fact that I was a latecomer had made me anxious about the internship.

Hilary Cheung | 28.6.2017 | 日常.

Incredible Experience in WKCDA ( M+ Pavilion Visit Tour)

On 23 June 2017, I participated in an exhibition visit which is called “Canton Express” and it held at M+ Pavilion in West Kowloon Cultural District.

Jacky Tsai | 28.6.2017 | 展覽.



Alan Cheng | 28.6.2017 | 日常.

The first month in WKCDA — Beginning of an enlightening journey

This is the first month of my summer internship in West Kowloon Cultural Distract Authority. I really enjoy working in this authority because people here are always kind and helpful. Also, good working atmosphere is everywhere in the office.


Waikiu | 28.6.2017 | 日常.

As a Finance Intern at WKCDA

It’s been two weeks since I began my internship as a finance intern here at the WKCDA. I feel like time is passing very quickly. It’s clear like yesterday how I greeted everyone in my department on the first day.

Aris Chow | 27.6.2017 | 日常.

A New Path: My First Thirty Days

I always ask myself, “what is going to happen to me in the first day?” “What will my teachers/employers make me do in the next following days/weeks?’’ 

Justin Li | 27.6.2017 | 日常.



Eric Yu | 10.4.2017 | 藝術.

Inside simplicity, there is always complexity to be discovered - A visit to M+ Pavilion

As an intern in West Kowloon Cultural District Authority, it is always surprising to see how this vividly-growing organization takes the initiatives by introducing innovative projects which have never been accomplished throughout Hong Kong. Among different experiences, I can never forget the visit to M+ Pavilion on 21st July, 2016.  

Adrian Yim | 28.7.2016 | 日常.

Working with nature and open space

Having a little bike ride along the promenade during lunch time wakes me more than a cup of coffee!!!

Gillian Ngan | 21.7.2016 | 日常.



Alex CH Wong | 15.7.2016 | 日常.



Vera Leung | 12.7.2016 | 日常.



Adam Tsang | 9.7.2016 | 日常.



Sylvie Xiong | 6.7.2016 | 日常.

(En) Rover Visiting~

It was the last day of M+ Rover 2016. Luckily, we can have a chance to visit this travelling creative studio. 

Nick Mak | 6.7.2016 | 日常.

與 CEO 和 COO 相聚於Rooftop Casual Gathering

每月的最後一個星期五,西九文化區辦工室都會在夕陽下舉行Rooftop Casual Gathering,讓同事能夠輕鬆相聚。

Thomas Wu | 5.7.2016 | 日常.



Roy Chow | 4.7.2016 | 日常.


Wong Cho Fai | 4.7.2016 | 日常.



Larry Cheng | 30.6.2016 | 日常.

How much do we care about safety?

The West Kowloon Cultural District Authority is a responsible organisation in the sense that its contractors are required to have a high standard of performance in ensuring safety during construction

Edmund Lam | 20.6.2016 | 日常.

Dancing in the Air


Erica Lau | 28.12.2015 | 日常.



Yan Chan | 10.12.2015 | 藝術.



Hazel Mok | 15.10.2015 | 日常.

Arts and Me

The relationship between “Arts and Me” has passed through an interesting procedure of evolution within my 3-month internship

Janet Yick | 22.9.2015 | 藝術., 日常., 音樂.

Freespace Happening

The Nike City Jam at Freespace Happening aspired me to expand my knowledge profoundly in skateboard

Carmen Cheung | 22.9.2015 | 日常.

My very last day as a Performing Arts Intern

During the 2 months, I am involved in different projects and productions, and the most remarkable programmes are undoubtedly Freespace Happening and Xiqu Seminar

Sally Tam | 18.9.2015 | 藝術., 日常.

Press Forward

Though I will miss all the smile, all the faces and all the laugh here, I will press the “Forward” button, keep moving, facing the next challenges, and achieving the next target

Janet Yick | 31.8.2015 | 日常.

What do you mean when you say 台 [toi4]?

It is always funny when people get confused with the meaning because of the same pronunciations in Cantonese. But this encounter has given a strong feeling that Hong Kong people are generally not exposed to cultural activities, and more accurately, performing arts

Sally Tam | 28.8.2015 | 日常.

Dong Guan Steel Manufacturing Factory Visit

Following other colleagues, we went to Dong Guan steel factory to gain a deeper understanding of steel manufacturing. This factory is the supplier for Xiqu Centre


Silvia Chen | 18.8.2015

Farewell Party for CEO

Friday is always a say-goodbye day. It is sentimental to leave a place which you have made a sincere contribution to and leave people whom you spent most of the time with

Julie Ma | 18.8.2015 | 日常.

'Screendance' - A Two-week Workshop for Choreographers and Directors

Hazel Mok | 15.8.2015 | 藝術.

Press launch for Freespace Happening 2015

A press launch was held on the 4th August to disseminate this piece of exciting news to the public, and we met the performers to take some photos for marketing use

Shirley Chau | 11.8.2015 | 日常.

Site Visit

I am pleased to be one of the West Kowloon Cultural District Authority interns, it broadens my horizon and enhances my experience in the arts and culture industry

Irene Cheng | 10.8.2015

Unpredictable weather: Kick-off of Freespace Happening 2015

It was the first day of Freespace Happening 2015. On 8th Aug, we experienced the unpredictable weather and understood the absolute power of the nature

Shirley Chau | 9.8.2015 | 日常.

A Public Space For Individuals

Nursery parks, M+, Xiqu Centre are beyond codes in financial documents after the visit. They are shaping and maturing along with the operation of the cultural district

Julie Ma | 7.8.2015 | 日常.