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02.12.2021 | art park
Why West Kowloon is Perfect for Pets
West Kowloon offers parking and a spacious drop-off area that will allow your four-legged friends to get on and off vehicles with ease
13.08.2020 | chinese opera


13.08.2020 | chinese opera
The Tea House Theatre’s Rising Stars
12.08.2020 | chinese opera
Tea House Theatre: Behind the Scenes
10.08.2020 | chinese opera
Tea House Theatre: A New Generation of Cantonese Opera
28.12.2019 | art, exhibition
Grazie, ciao! 香港見!
24.12.2019 | art, exhibition
威尼斯雙年展 — 人文風景

18.12.2019 | exhibition
One Wandered, One Wondered.
During my internship at the Hong Kong Pavilion which started in September, I photographed countless visitors who saunter through our wooden-door entrance