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A Present for Mother’s Day – Cherry Blossom Raindrop Cakes

Are you looking for ideas for a Mother’s Day present?
These Cherry Blossom Raindrop Cakes might be the perfect solution!

Eunice Chow | 11.5.2017 | art park., lifestyle.

DIY Easter Egg Planter

It’s Easter this weekend! What fun things can we do besides eating Easter Eggs?

Eunice Chow | 11.4.2017 | art park., lifestyle.

Like Cherry Blossom – The Beautiful Flowers of The Pink Trumpet Tree

Now that spring has arrived, the branches of the Pink Trumpet Trees in the Nursery Park are heavy with delicate pink flowers.

Eunice Chow | 6.4.2017 | art park., lifestyle.

The Sea of Pink Flowers at Sunset Lawn

As well as the beautiful Pink Trumpet Tree, there are other trees adding to the sea of pink flowers in the Nursery Park right now – and their branches are covered with gorgeous orchid-like flowers in different shades of white, pale pink and magenta.

Eunice Chow | 30.3.2017 | art park., lifestyle.