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Mu Guiying Routing Hongzhou

Cantonese opera Mu Guiying Routing Hongzhou was written by renowned Hong Kong scriptwriter-librettist, Yip Shiu-tak (1929–2009), for the inaugural production of Fook Sing Cantonese Opera Troupe, founded by Law Ka-ying and Liza Wang Ming-chuen in August 1988.

Sam Yiu | 28.7.2017 | chinese opera.

Forty Years of Cherished Love

The Cantonese opera Forty Years of Cherished Love was written by the mainland librettist, Chen Guanqing (1920–2003). Premiered in 1984 in Guangzhou with the renowned veteran actors, Luo Jiabao (1930–2016) and Bai Xuehong, it was taken on tour to Hong Kong and the US and established a popular following. After numerous stagings over the past three decades, it has become a classic in the Cantonese opera repertory.

Sam Yiu | 21.7.2017 | chinese opera.


龔志成(阿龔)這位音樂人一路走來,長髮白鬍子不羈外表早成了標誌,他的跨界音樂創作亦是只此一家,近年更試著以城市角度看待音樂,以探索公共空間去翻鬆音樂土壤,讓更多香港音樂人得到更好曝光 ,營造良好的文化藝術氛圍

Sam Yiu | 6.1.2017 | music.


今年的「自由約」,主題是旅程── 離散、尋找、再出發。藝術本來就一種是探索,即便在某些前設下,藝術的力量也應得到辯證的機會

Sam Yiu | 1.12.2016 |