October Freespace Happening Performer Introduction: Ted Lo - the first Hongkonger Berklee graduatesss

New season of Freespace Happening started last month. With many different musician coming from different part of the world to perform, somethings it is hard to choose which one you want to go. Starting from now, this blog will introduce different performer irregularly. And Ted Lo is our first introduction.

Adrian Chow | 9.10.2018 | music.

Pairing up choreographers and composers: stories behind the clash of creativity

Artists of “Creation for Freespace: Choreographer & Composer Lab” will stage final productions of the new works on 13-16 September 2018. Here the composers and choreographers share their inspirations and stories behind their works.

Sharen Lau | 12.9.2018 | dance., music.


龔志成(阿龔)這位音樂人一路走來,長髮白鬍子不羈外表早成了標誌,他的跨界音樂創作亦是只此一家,近年更試著以城市角度看待音樂,以探索公共空間去翻鬆音樂土壤,讓更多香港音樂人得到更好曝光 ,營造良好的文化藝術氛圍

Sam Yiu | 6.1.2017 | music.

10月 自由約 實現後感想

幾個月前,再次收到西九的邀請,也是為十月份的「自由約」作策劃,除了開心,是繼續的感恩。在第一次的會議,我建議Road Less Travelled的主題

Vicky Fung | 14.10.2016 | music.

Busking in the City – An interview with Double zc

Having performed in various places around Hong Kong, the group recently ventured out to West Kowloon and played at Freespace Happening for the first time. Taken by their music, I grasped the chance to talk with them

West Kowloon | 20.10.2015 | music.

Arts and Me

The relationship between “Arts and Me” has passed through an interesting procedure of evolution within my 3-month internship

Janet Yick | 22.9.2015 | art., lifestyle., music.

Random thoughts about Arts and Culture

I have just heard too many people commented, “Oh, working in the music industry? You must earn little! Go study some finance courses, you will earn more!” The society in Hong Kong just does not view Music as a respectable career path

Stephanie Kung | 31.8.2015 | art., music.