Padova trip

As we needed to find a reception desk and chairs for the exhibition, Sharon (assistant curator), Jeff and I went to a large scale hardware shop Leroy Merlin at Padova

Wing Leung MAN | 5.5.2015 |

Work in progress (1)

The contractor move in the site with many wood columns, wood and their tools. They plan to build the outdoor structure and complete the indoor retouch in a week

Wing Leung MAN | 18.4.2015 |

First meeting at the site


Wing Leung MAN | 15.4.2015 |


有幸得到 M+ 的机会,当是次展览的技术实习员,随着艺术家曾建华及 M+ 策展团队到威尼斯双年展香港展馆协助筹办展览

Wing Leung MAN | 13.4.2015 |