A Dance of Light and Shadow
8.9.2022 | art park , art , lifestyle

West Kowloon Through The Lens

Stunning architecture, an iconic harbour backdrop, sprawling green spaces and a truly diverse collection of art. It goes without saying: West Kowloon Cultural District brims with countless photographic opportunities. Whether it is quality time with your significant other, roaming around with your pets, or hanging out with friends, each time the shutter of a camera closes, a story is told through light and shadow. Explore the district and read on to discover the different ways you can capture the perfect IG moment.

Start at M+, a museum that thrives among Hong Kong’s most iconic monumental and architectural landmarks. At every turn, lines weave and flow, and visual textures abound allowing you to create distinctive compositions using unique backgrounds. Find inspiration on Instagram using the hashtags #WestKowloon and #mplusmuseum.

@anyy_photo (Instagram)

@wilkiekwoh (Instagram)
Tell your stories against the backdrop of the striking M+ exterior.

Now look across M+’s Artist Square. Within the contemporary exterior of the M+ Conservation and Storage Facility are giant traditional Hong Kong neon signs. Embrace contrasts and seek out this fascinating shot where tradition and modernity meet, and the past exists in the present.

@tclivingdiary (Instagram)

@shiba_soba (Instagram)

@remarkable_ride_of_pp (Instagram)

Head to the corridors of M+ and chase shadows as sunlight spills through the geometric pillars. Trace the vertical lines upwards, where pendant lights inspired by Hong Kong’s iconic red market lamps hang from the ceiling and observe how light bounces off different materials.

Create your own captivating world of light and shadow within and outside M+.

At golden hour, watch as dusk paints the sky with hues of orange and magenta. Under a sheen of magic, walk towards Competition Pavilion “Growing Up” and make use of the symmetrical design, timber columns, sunset reflections, or backlight photography for an artistic shot.


The Competition Pavilion adds a surrealist twist to an ordinary shot, making it appear like a sci-fi time-travel tunnel as sunlight streams through the corridor.

Enrich your photo composition with a sketch of the fabulous view in front of you.

Embark on your photographic “treasure hunt” next time you visit and discover a whole new world through the camera lens.



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