Artreview questionnaire and installation views

‘The whole work is mainly based on my reading and interpretation of Nietzsche’s philosophy and some religious ideas from Christianity, Buddhism and Taoism.’ – Tsang Kin-Wah

M+ Team | 9.5.2015 |


Preview of the Biennale has begun; our exhibition is open as well. The doorway below leads you to The Infinite Nothing

M+ Team | 7.5.2015 |

Guess how many people are working here?

Guess how many people are working here?

M+ Team | 24.4.2015 |

The process of turning day into night

Here are some photos from Venice of the construction that is currently going on – which to me, are documentation of the process of creating that eternal night in sunny Venice

M+ Team | 15.4.2015 |

Welcome to the intern’s blog

We have selected 2 technical interns and 10 exhibition interns, who will be our eyes and ears in Venice during the exhibition period

M+ Team | 13.4.2015 |