What does WKCD mean to you?

To Hong Kong, the WKCD stands as a global cultural hub that represents its commitment to arts and cultures. To the public, it serves as an important open space to improve the current predicament of the lack of breathing space. To you, what does WKCD mean?

Sabrina Chau | 26.6.2018 | 日常.



Roy Chow | 1.9.2017 | 藝術公園.

【植物畫室】水彩花姿 ─ 葉曉文

家中一盆養了半年的蘭花Oeceoclades roseovariegata …

畫家及專欄作者 | 3.8.2017 | 藝術公園.

Tree Tour to Nursery Park

It is always a good idea to experience the nature. Luckily, in the Nursery Park, we can get a taste of different green scenery in any one of the four seasons of the year. And on my tree tour to the Nursery Park, fruits of mangoes, lychees, dragon fruits and pineapples caught my eye in summertime.

Michelle Cheung | 25.7.2017 | 日常.

Visit for wood logs

We go visit the woods to explore possibility to use them in our nursery park.

Jenny Yan | 25.7.2017 | 日常.


母親節將至, 大家是否在想有什麼有心思的禮物可以送給媽媽?

Eunice Chow | 11.5.2017 | 藝術公園., 日常.


復活節大家除了做復活蛋,也可以一起動手做一個環保的小手工 ─ 復活蛋盆栽DIY。

Eunice Chow | 11.4.2017 | 藝術公園., 日常.