Helen Wong | 17.7.2018 | 日常.

「M +敢探号」流动创作教室与阿喜一同将无用变有用


Connie Chan | 7.3.2018 | 艺术., 展览.

Funny Episodes in the Pavilion: Our Lovely Visitors

Half of the internship has quickly passed. Besides the repetition of work and daily life, simultaneously there were some interesting and funny episodes which happened with the visitors, highlighted our days in the venue.

Elly Wan | 10.10.2017 | 艺术.

An Art and Cultural Promoter in the Middle of a 'Cultural Desert'

What is your impression of working in WKCDA? Full of art-lover? Or everyone working here has strong art knowledge? I would say joining WKCDA allows me to be a step near to arts and cultural industry and to be more curious about arts.

Chloe Chung | 10.7.2017 | 日常.

The first month in WKCDA — Beginning of an enlightening journey

This is the first month of my summer internship in West Kowloon Cultural Distract Authority. I really enjoy working in this authority because people here are always kind and helpful. Also, good working atmosphere is everywhere in the office.


Waikiu | 28.6.2017 | 日常.

"Coke or Pepsi?" with Samson Young

After the madness of Venice Biennale opening week, I caught up with Samson for a quick game of “Coke or Pepsi?” with questions ranging from the musical to hypothetical to purely random. His answers are, to say the least, unexpected (or are they completely expected?) Decipher for yourselves and enjoy!

Joyce Wong | 5.6.2017 | 艺术.



Eric Yu | 10.4.2017 | 艺术.



Hazel Mok | 15.10.2015 | 日常.