West Kowloon | 2.12.2021 | 艺术公园


It is my count down of the last 10 working days at WKCDA. Looking back at the day when the internship was offered to me, it took me quite a while to ease my concerns regarding whether I am suitable for WKCDA.

Sabrina Chau | 23.8.2018 | 艺术公园, 日常.



Calvin Chu | 3.7.2018 | 日常.


Connie Chan | 15.3.2018 | 展览.



Roy Chow | 1.9.2017 | 艺术公园

全港第一 — 无人驾驶车初体验

全港第一? 初体验? 一起来体验全港首驾无人驾驶电动车!

Sophine Tsang | 27.8.2017 | 日常.

【植物画室】水彩花姿 ─ 叶晓文

家中一盆养了半年的兰花Oeceoclades roseovariegata …

画家及专栏作者 | 3.8.2017 | 艺术公园

Tree Tour to Nursery Park

It is always a good idea to experience the nature. Luckily, in the Nursery Park, we can get a taste of different green scenery in any one of the four seasons of the year. And on my tree tour to the Nursery Park, fruits of mangoes, lychees, dragon fruits and pineapples caught my eye in summertime.

Michelle Cheung | 25.7.2017 | 日常.

Visit for wood logs

We go visit the woods to explore possibility to use them in our nursery park.

Jenny Yan | 25.7.2017 | 日常.

Working with trees

After working in WKCD for a month, I started to understand the nursery park and the landscape work in the district. As a landscape architecture student, I was assigned tasks related to the current nursery park management and the future art park construction. Although they are not complicated tasks, I can gradually see the whole picture of the future cultural district.

Jenny Yan | 3.7.2017 | 艺术公园

Trees aren't just trees

Time flies and it has been two months since my journey in WKCD began. Looking back, the most rewarding experience throughout my internship would be the collaboration with my silent partners- trees in the Nursery Park.

Natalie Wong | 29.6.2017 | 日常.