Opening the Black Box – When Art Encounters Tech

In September 2021, Freespace and the School of Theatre and Entertainment Arts at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts launched the new project art TALKS tech as part of their collaborative platform TechBox
Joris Wu | 2.6.2022 | art., theatre.

Impact from Trivia – Jan Versweyveld and “What is Stage – Dynamics of Seeing”

In early September, around 20 participants, including I, have ended a magical month as theatre practitioners. The world-renowned theatre scenographer Jan Versweyveld, whose work is always related to productions directed by the acclaimed director Ivo van Hove, came to Hong Kong to run a four-day workshop on his works

Brian Yu | 8.12.2017 | theatre.

Tim Crouch:劇場不止演戲

英國著名劇場創作人添・高治(Tim Crouch)早前來港演出《我,馬伏里奧》(I, Malvolio),演出過後,Tim和我們談到他的創作、演出,以及他下月來港進行為期十天的「表演基本步」工作坊。

Brian Yu | 4.12.2017 | theatre.

獅子山下起舞  衝擊觀眾視覺

西九文化區的舞蹈演出「ON VIEW:HONG KONG」卻為觀眾帶來嶄新體驗

Brian Yu | 20.10.2017 | dance.


2010 年,我離開工作了三年半的藝術發展局,加入西九文化區。那時候有高人提醒:你何不在藝術發展局多留幾年?西九這項目還早呢,搞不好等你做完兩屆合約,還是沙塵滾滾的工地。

Louis Yu | 17.10.2017 |



Brian Yu | 6.10.2017 | theatre.



Brian Yu | 6.9.2017 | chinese opera.

Mu Guiying Routing Hongzhou

Cantonese opera Mu Guiying Routing Hongzhou was written by renowned Hong Kong scriptwriter-librettist, Yip Shiu-tak (1929–2009), for the inaugural production of Fook Sing Cantonese Opera Troupe, founded by Law Ka-ying and Liza Wang Ming-chuen in August 1988.

Sam Yiu | 28.7.2017 | chinese opera.

A Perfect Match

Premiered by Fook Sing Cantonese Opera Troupe on 10 February 1994, A Perfect Match is a comedic Cantonese opera written by renowned mainland playwright, Qin Zhongying (1925–2015). In February 2017, it was part of the Chinese New Year programme of the Rising Stars of Cantonese Opera presented by the West Kowloon Xiqu Centre, and won general acclaim.

Chau Ying | 28.7.2017 | chinese opera.

Sharing of Executive Director of Performing Arts

The HR department has arranged another internship program about the roles, events and development of the Performing Arts Department to all summer interns on Monday and invited the executive director of performing art department to share his experience and work to us.

Amy Yu | 26.7.2017 | art.