A Dance of Light and Shadow

Stunning architecture, an iconic harbour backdrop, sprawling green spaces and a truly diverse collection of art. It goes without saying: West Kowloon Cultural District brims with countless photographic opportunities
| 8.9.2022 | art park, art, lifestyle

A Transmedia Experiment by Students at the School of Theatre and Entertainment Arts

Early this year, students at the School of Theatre and Entertainment Arts (TEA) of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts were invited to participate in a series of transmedia workshops
730 | 8.7.2022 | art, theatre

Opening the Black Box – When Art Encounters Tech

In September 2021, Freespace and the School of Theatre and Entertainment Arts at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts launched the new project art TALKS tech as part of their collaborative platform TechBox
730 | 2.6.2022 | art, theatre

Grazie, ciao! 香港見!

644 | 28.12.2019 | art, exhibition

A Quick Guide to Italian Greetings and Farewells

How to greet people in Italian and why does it even matter?
646 | 20.10.2019 | art, exhibition

When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Limoncello

An account of how to respond in a case of artwork emergency (Venice edition)
649 | 27.9.2019 | art, exhibition

Stakeholders: Exhibition staff in Venice

The title of this year’s Hong Kong exhibition at the 58th Venice Biennale is “Stakeholders: Hong Kong in Venice,” through which artist Shirley Tse proposes a world-view where everyone is a stakeholder. Here, I would like to introduce some of the stakeholders of the Venice Biennale–the Biennale exhibition staff. These are the indispensable but unacknowledged individuals who spend the most time at the exhibitions, who take care of the artworks and venues, greet and aid dazed and confused visitors, and make sure the show go on (or not) under whatever circumstances.
645 | 9.9.2019 | art, exhibition

(May) We All Live in Interesting Times

“May You Live in Interesting Times,” the title of the 58th edition of the Venice Biennale, is said to be an ancient Chinese curse, though none of the Chinese here at the Biennale, at least those I have met, seem to have any inkling where this comes from.

645 | 9.9.2019 | art, exhibition

Ciao! 鄰居們的晾衣服日常

644 | 18.6.2019 | art, exhibition, lifestyle