(May) We All Live in Interesting Times

“May You Live in Interesting Times,” the title of the 58th edition of the Venice Biennale, is said to be an ancient Chinese curse, though none of the Chinese here at the Biennale, at least those I have met, seem to have any inkling where this comes from.

Mary Lee Wan Ling | 9.9.2019 | art., exhibition.

Have You Ever Caught the Wind?

While someone did sing in the rain in the past, why don’t we go to have fun with the wind in the present?

Winnie Lam | 22.9.2015 | art., lifestyle.

What do you mean when you say 台 [toi4]?

It is always funny when people get confused with the meaning because of the same pronunciations in Cantonese. But this encounter has given a strong feeling that Hong Kong people are generally not exposed to cultural activities, and more accurately, performing arts

Sally Tam | 28.8.2015 | lifestyle.

A rewarding adventure in the old Hong Kong

Let the “Factory Hong Kong” Exhibition at the Kowloon Park be your tour guide! Have a great trip in the manufacturing industries of the old Hong Kong

Winnie Lam | 6.8.2015 | art.