Running with Hong Kong's Nightscape as your Backdrop

If running is your thing, there is no better place than in the Art Park with the harbour and lights of Hong Kong as a backdrop
West Kowloon | 2.12.2021 | art park.

Enjoy Full Moon from the Art Park

2021 Mid-Autumn Festival falls on September 21. On this traditional Chinese festival, besides eating moon cakes, enjoying the full moon with family and friends is also a must
West Kowloon | 13.9.2021 | art park.

Days as an Intern

從六月開始,我已經在西九實習了一個月。 作為一位園境建築的學生,我的工作總離不開樹和公園的範圍。我最近的其中一份工作是參與我們苗圃公園的樹木導賞和工作坊,為導賞團和工作坊探索新的可能。

Annette Wong | 4.7.2017 | art park.

Busking in the City – An interview with Double zc

Having performed in various places around Hong Kong, the group recently ventured out to West Kowloon and played at Freespace Happening for the first time. Taken by their music, I grasped the chance to talk with them

West Kowloon | 20.10.2015 | music.

Define Your Way

Random thoughts from Nursery Park to public space

Leonie Chan | 20.8.2015 | lifestyle.