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Impact from Trivia – Jan Versweyveld and “What is Stage – Dynamics of Seeing”

In early September, around 20 participants, including I, have ended a magical month as theatre practitioners. The world-renowned theatre scenographer Jan Versweyveld, whose work is always related to productions directed by the acclaimed director Ivo van Hove, came to Hong Kong to run a four-day workshop on his works

Brian Yu | 8.12.2017 | 劇場.

Tim Crouch:劇場不止演戲

英國著名劇場創作人添・高治(Tim Crouch)早前來港演出《我,馬伏里奧》(I, Malvolio),演出過後,Tim和我們談到他的創作、演出,以及他下月來港進行為期十天的「表演基本步」工作坊。

Brian Yu | 4.12.2017 | 劇場.