Venice Biennale 2015 Interns

Beginning in May 2015, two technical and ten exhibition interns will join the M+ team for a chance to gain unique insight into the workings of the world’s oldest and most renowned international art exhibition. Meet our interns and learn about their experiences while they work with us in Venice through their blog posts.
  • Li Yining Erin
  • MAN Wing Leung Dennis
  • LAU Man Pan Jeff
  • Lai Lai KWOK
  • Wong To Hin Nixon
  • Nga Sai WU
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Crazy Counting at Hong Kong Pavilion!

This year 84 countries set up their national pavilions and 44 extra exhibitions as official collateral events of the Venice Biennale also suddenly bloom all around town

Wong To Hin Nixon | 10.7.2015 |

Welcome to the art circus 歡迎光臨藝術馬戲團

I was never really happy with the word ‘art administrator’. It sounds so mundane, boring and uncreative



Li Yining Erin | 6.7.2015 |

100 Ways of seeing the exhibition 八仙看展,各顯神通

How do you usually see an exhibition? Carefully read the curatorial statement before laying your eyes upon any artwork?

Li Yining Erin | 26.6.2015 | art.

Home of a Tycoon’s Contemporary Art Collections

You probably want to squeeze some time to visit the Venetian museum of one of the richest men in the world, François Pinault

Chi Heng PUN | 23.6.2015 |

Italian but not so Jamie Oliver’s

To know the culture of a city, the first thing to get familiar with is their food. Here are some of the things that you can’t miss, sure it will be the real Italian style rather than Jamie Oliver’s

Chi Heng PUN | 17.6.2015 |

These are a few of my favourite things ♪

This has to be the most beautiful thing I have seen in Venice. Located on the island of San Girogio Maggiore, the Glass Tea House Mondrain is designed by Hiroshi Sugimoto

Nga Sai WU | 10.6.2015 |

Oldie but goodie

Originally a gallery of an art academy, Gallerie dell’ Accademia is now a museum that houses pre-19th century Venetian art

Nga Sai WU | 6.6.2015 |

Over the water

Venice is famous for its beautiful scene along the great canal for sure. In the city, you can find many small canals and bridges connecting all the islands

Chi Heng PUN | 3.6.2015 |

A visit to the ancient Greece and Rome

I can say Fondazione Prada is one of my favourite places to visit in Venice. I spent an afternoon there when I had my day off on Monday

Chi Heng PUN | 28.5.2015 |

Chasing light and shadows

In Tsang Kin-Wah’s video works, you can always see how he intricately uses the sound, light and space to transform the atmosphere of a particular site

Chi Heng PUN | 21.5.2015 |

Giardini in a glimpse

‘Giardini’ is ‘Garden’ in English. The Venice giardini is an area of parkland which hosts the Venice Art Biennale

Nga Sai WU | 18.5.2015 |

20150502-09 Venice photo diary

I bet they can dry their laundry in a few hours’ time. But it takes at least 2 days for ours to dry since our apartment is rather damp and humid

Nga Sai WU | 11.5.2015 |