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【植物畫室】水彩花姿 ─ 葉曉文

家中一盆養了半年的蘭花Oeceoclades roseovariegata …

Human Ip | 3.8.2017 | Nursery Park

A Present for Mother’s Day – Cherry Blossom Raindrop Cakes

Are you looking for ideas for a Mother’s Day present?
These Cherry Blossom Raindrop Cakes might be the perfect solution!

Eunice Chow | 11.5.2017 | lifestyle., Nursery Park

DIY Easter Egg Planter

It’s Easter this weekend! What fun things can we do besides eating Easter Eggs?

Eunice Chow | 11.4.2017 | lifestyle., Nursery Park

Like Cherry Blossom – The Beautiful Flowers of The Pink Trumpet Tree

Now that spring has arrived, the branches of the Pink Trumpet Trees in the Nursery Park are heavy with delicate pink flowers.

Eunice Chow | 6.4.2017 | lifestyle., Nursery Park

The Sea of Pink Flowers at Sunset Lawn

As well as the beautiful Pink Trumpet Tree, there are other trees adding to the sea of pink flowers in the Nursery Park right now – and their branches are covered with gorgeous orchid-like flowers in different shades of white, pale pink and magenta.

Eunice Chow | 30.3.2017 | lifestyle., Nursery Park



Roy Chow | 4.7.2016 | lifestyle.



Larry Cheng | 30.6.2016 | lifestyle.

Busking in the City – An interview with Double zc

Having performed in various places around Hong Kong, the group recently ventured out to West Kowloon and played at Freespace Happening for the first time. Taken by their music, I grasped the chance to talk with them

Chung Kai Yan | 20.10.2015 | music.

Freespace Happening

The Nike City Jam at Freespace Happening aspired me to expand my knowledge profoundly in skateboard

Carmen Cheung | 22.9.2015 | lifestyle.

Freespace Happening happened on 9th Aug!

自七月實習入職以來, PA Department 努力奮鬥策劃的 Freespace Happening 終於在八月九日 happened 了!

Taffy Tang | 26.8.2015 | lifestyle.

膠樽循環再用 --- 免淋水盆栽做法


John Yuen | 26.8.2015 | lifestyle.



Tang Lai Yi | 26.8.2015 | lifestyle.

Define Your Way

Random thoughts from Nursery Park to public space

Leonie Chan | 20.8.2015 | lifestyle.

Happy Together in West Kowloon!

After the farewell party, we went to the Nursery Park for a walk, sitting on the meadow to enjoy the sunset

Bella Chan | 7.8.2015 | lifestyle.

A New Viewing Spot

Would you like to get rid of the fast pace for a while?I must say that the roof garden of site office in the cultural district is the best choice

Wingyu Wong | 7.8.2015 | lifestyle.

A Public Space For Individuals

Nursery parks, M+, Xiqu Centre are beyond codes in financial documents after the visit. They are shaping and maturing along with the operation of the cultural district

Julie Ma | 7.8.2015 | lifestyle.



Tang Lai Yi | 5.8.2015 | lifestyle.